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Numbeo.comHow many of these individuals who keep on voicing their disgust with the cost of living in their hometowns actually have an idea of what things are like somewhere else? If we conducted a poll, it would come as no surprise to me (and probably to nobody) to find more than half such people have no clue about what the economy is like in the city next to where they live, left alone in another country. And that is why sites like this one are necessary – they can keep people from saying any old thing about the cities they live in, and gratuitously claim they are substandard in every sense.

On Numeo, just anybody can have access to housing indicators and figure out what is like to live in any part of the world using nothing but statistical data. This data has the added plus of having been contributed directly by people who live in the cities in question.

As of this date, over 8000 individuals have contributed data for almost 1400 cities. The five continents are obviously covered, with Europe and North America being the two that pull more users in. In Their Own Words

Numbeo is the largest free Internet database about worldwide housing indicators!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for quickly determining which the best cities to live in are.

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