Nudge – Use AI To Build Relationships And Grow Sales

Research and building relationships. Salespeople spend a lot of time doing both when not working directly on a sale. As contacts and emails multiply, social media activity rolls along without stop, and the amount of information to sift through increases constantly –knowing how and where to use time wisely is an endless challenge. Even the best CRM solutions still require a lot of manual work.


Nudge, on the other hand, keeps the most valuable information right beneath the salesperson’s fingertips with barely any effort on his or her part. Nudge is a modern sales platform that uses artificial intelligence to provide sales teams with actionable insights into their target customers.


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Unlike most sales tools, Nudge uses AI to filter through millions of updates from across the web and social to find relevant sales triggers that are of actual value to a salesperson.


Nudge syncs with its users’ networks – including contacts, email, calendar, and social – to track the strength of relationships with current and potential buyers based on emails, meetings and social activity.


“When 90% of your network is pure noise, engaging with customers and prospects is a challenge,” said Nudge Co-Founder Paul Teshima. “With AI and machine learning, we can track relationship strength and gather actionable insights, providing sales teams with easier access to their customers. The goal is to make it significantly easier to engage at the right time, in the right way, and without having to spend countless hours on research.”


Real-time updates and notifications directing salespeople to only the most relevant activity saves considerable time, but Nudge does more than pinpoint the best opportunities to engage customers – it helps foster the familiarity so important to developing trust in relationships.



Nudge understands not only how people are connected via their extended networks, but, because it tracks interactions, it understands the strength of all relationships around a prospective buyer – so it improves the salesperson’s ability to connect by highlighting who the buyer already trusts when a conversation begins.


Prior to Nudge, Co-Founders Paul Teshima and Steve Woods were founding executives at Eloqua, which modernized the marketing world. Eloqua went public in 2012 and was acquired by Oracle for $957 million. The Nudge team was funded by OMERS Ventures in one of the largest seed rounds in Canadian history.


Looking to engage customers and prospects more effectively? Want to save yourself a tremendous amount of work by focusing on the relationships that matter most, in the most impactful manner? Sign up for a free account or learn more about the Nudge platform at


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