Nsyght.com – Kick the Algorithm to the Curb


Nsyght.comNsyght is a new type of social search engine that helps users improve the relevancy of search by leveraging their bookmarks and social network. Content relevancy is not a problem that can be solved by algorithm alone.

Too often searches get clogged up with spam sites or sites of low relevance. The broader the search, the less relevant the results. To achieve the best possible results from a given search, you need the human factor to augment any computer algorithm.

Nsyght.com In Their Own Words

“If you just can’t wait, go ahead and start searching our community index.”

Why Nsyght.com It Might Be A Killer

Users can build a totally custom search experience using their bookmarks and their friends. Instead of asking users to rebuild their existing profile and friends, you can easily import them from your favorite provider (digg, pownce, last.fm, and twitter).

Some Questions About Nsyght.com

Will the navigation of the site be improved? The site isn’t user friendly, are they going to make some changes? Nsyght.com