NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden: Hero In Hiding Or Reckless Radical?


By now you’ve heard of all the NSA surveillance hoopla and you’ve probably heard of Edward Snowden, the ex-CIA employee and tech contractor for the NSA who just blew the whistle about the government’s secret surveillance of Americans. He is now responsible for one of the biggest intelligence leaks in a generation.




So why did he do it?


Here’s the Deal

Edward was interviewed by The Guardian‘s Glenn Greenwald on June 6th in Hong Kong where he is believed by many to still be residing/hiding. He told Greenwald how easily he could spy on anyone in America, including the President, and how every single one of our phone calls can be and are traced. He said he had access to information that he considered “abuses” against the rights of American citizens. He talked about how he left his cushy job in Hawaii to leak the information that he truly believed was an injustice to the public saying, “The public needs to decide whether these programs are right or wrong.”


What do you Think?

So, do you think Edward Snowden is an American hero, or do you think he has other motives? Personally, I’m in awe over his bravery to come out and speak against the NSA, knowing full well this will cost him a great deal personally, even possibly his life. He talked a lot about our freedoms as Americans and how the NSA’s actions are a crime against true democracy.


I’m Team Edward. What about you? Watch the video and let us know.


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