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NowImGone.comNow I’m Gone is a resource that will let you collect your last wishes online, and have the information retrieved by your family or loved ones when you pass away. A code is employed to unlock that information, and make your final wishes known to all the people who cared about you during your time on Earth.


The information that you can actually store like this includes the location of the will along with your last messages to members of your family and your close acquaintances. You will also have the chance to make your intended funeral arrangements completely clear.

Ultimately, the objective of the site is a noble one: letting the people who loved you figure out what to do now that you are gone, and carry on in the way you would like them to. Personally, I like such a premise. And I think any individual who looks at it objectively will also find the site interesting and useful. Sites that deal with issues such as mortality are difficult to pull off, but this one is tasteful and practical. In Their Own Words

“Unlock your last wishes.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site encourages people to come to a resolution when it comes to topics that are traditionally not touched upon because they are too uncomfortable to handle.

Some Questions About

Can media be locked inside the box as well?

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