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NotLong.comAs you might have guessed from its name, NotLong is one of these tools that trim a long URL and come up with a shorter alternative. The main use of a service like this is to enable micro-blogging adepts to share URLs that would otherwise not be shared due to the character limitations at play.

However, as the person behind this useful web-based service points out, it can also be used to read an address over the phone that would be too tricky to get across otherwise.

The mechanics of the site itself follow the regular pattern: you key in or cut and paste the corresponding URL, and a new one that ends in “” will be produced. What that short URL does is to link directly to the long URL.

A bookmarklet is also included, making it an easy task to generate short URLs for any page that you visit with your preferred web browser. This bookmarklet can be installed by dragging and dropping the link that is provided in the relevant section of the site. For its part, an API is featured for generating NotLong URLs inside Perl programs.

At the end of the day, this is a free application that can come in quite handy by turning micro-blogging and related endeavors into a smoother proposal. Try it in person at In Their Own Words

“Make a long URL notlong.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an inexpensive application that is wholly web-hosted.

Some Questions About

There is already a wide number of URL shortening services – what features set NotLong apart from these solutions?