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Notifu.comIf you want to make a present, and you don’t know what to give, the service you will find on this site could be of your interest. Notifu is a web based service that will help you send online gift cards by email, simply by following a few steps. In case you want to make instant gifts, this could be the right site for you to visit.


Many users stop by to search for the right online gift cards to make a present with just a click. This website will let you browse for online cards you can send in almost any occasion as instant gifts, ranging from Congratulations, Birthdays and Thanks.

Take a look at whenever you want to send online gift cards by email in a simple way. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to make instant gifts, you will find a good site to visit. In Their Own Words

“Send a message to an individual or group, know if the message was received, and gather responses to make quick decisions.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a supple tool for making group decisions in a time-effective manner.

Some Questions About

Is it easy to configure and use? Which browsers are actually supported?

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