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Notifier.WorkWhen.comThis is an Australian startup that attempts to address the problems inherent to schedule management as we all know it. Essentially, it aims to bring some flexibility into the process by creating a platform that makes for instant notification, and that furthers the communication between parties.

The philosophy behind this initiative is a simple yet undeniable one: a happy employee is also a productive one. This platform enables business owners to upload their staff schedules to the web, and have Notifier distribute the corresponding shifts to employees using both SMS and e-mail. This way, everybody can easily know where he or she stands. Such a system also has the bonus of reducing human error and all the complications that could ensue.

This product is provided at a cost that is described on the relevant section of the site, and you can always have a taster for yourself by signing up for the free trial. Lastly, should you have any questions or comments the two-man team behind the project is reachable at [email protected]. In Their Own Words

“Notifier is a solution created by the WorkWhen team targeted at businesses who want to improve the distribution of their schedules. Without really doing a whole lot. We know everyone has better things to do than chase people around with shifts, so we do it for them. The result? Improved efficiency, great communication, great value and a lot of happy people.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for saving not only time but also money via a convenient service.

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