– A Simple Personal Organizer

NoteThing.comSelf-defined as “The simplest personal information manager that organizes your tasks, contacts, ideas and problems”, Note Thing helps you remember everything about your life on time. You can keep track of your activities and tasks in a supple way.

It also has a sleek and clean user interface which makes it easy to use.

Features include a “search as you type” capability that helps you find what you are looking for in seconds, and you can always import and export notes in order to get going. You can also send your list to your friends and get synchronized on the spot, sharing the information with everybody within your circle.

At the end of the day, Note Thing intends to give users ready access to the information appertaining to them the most, and do so in a context that is as simple as it can get. The approach works quite well for me, and if you are looking for a straightforward way to organize yourself, I would advice to give this nice little app a try. In Their Own Words

“Easy to use task manager & personal organizer software!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A tool like this one makes for getting yourself self-organized with very little hassle indeed.

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