Nosy Gets in People’s Faces about Pollution and Breathable Air

Nosy is a 2020 startup that’s serious about providing clean, comfortable, breathable air for people wearing masks for up to 10 hours. The company has been garnering a number of press accolades recently, as part of their current campaign on Kickstarter.

Designed by former Dyson® engineers, this unique product is not a full-face mask, as consumers have come to expect, but rather as the name suggests, a “nose only” product. As founder Carina Cunha explains, “mouth breathing is done far less than people think. People often think they mouth breathe because every time they breathe through their mouth, they have to consciously think about it, while nose breathing is unconscious and programmed into our brain.”

Development of the Nosy preceded the current Covid-19 pandmeic; it was originally conceived of as a functional way to make a literally “in-your-face” statement about the importance of air quality, while simultaneously cutting down on the use of disposable masks for pollution protection. As it’s both a personal protective device (completely sealing the nose into a sealed environment) and a political statement, it stymies employer attempts to abate the protest sign by prohibiting its use at work.

Cunha is emphatic that nosy is not a replacement for N95 medical masks. “By not looking to replace [them],” she explains, “our engineering team was free to develop a product that still filters over 90% of the air you breathe, but can be comfortably worn for prolonged periods of time. With Nosy you can have 10 hours of clean air, instead of just 1.”

You can view Nosy’s website at