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Normalisr.comHow do you know when you have crossed the line from liking a specific artist into being a true fan? Maybe if you could keep track of the time you have spent listening to his music you could arrive at some sort of conclusion, wouldn’t you? The thing is, not even an obsessive would write in a little black book “Listened to Pearl Jam for 1 hour” or “Listened to Shakira for 40 minutes”. That would certainly be useful, but to do it manually just never comes into the picture.


Doing it automatically, though, would be something acceptable. And that is exactly what this mashup lets you do.

Named Normalisr, it will weigh your music data and produce a report detailing how long you have been listening to what. The results will be interesting for sure, notwithstanding how depressing they might turn out to be in some cases.

Using this system is absolutely free – you just log in using your credentials and you are ready to submit yourself to such an analysis. So, whenever you are ready to find out how much of a music lover there is already in you this site will assist you splendidly. In Their Own Words

“Time-based charts of your music data.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

I am sure that music lovers will find it both revealing and fun.

Some Questions About

Which algorithm is used to arrive at the final figures?

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