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NonBored.comNonBored is a free platform for the promotion of events. The aim of the site is to let people from all over the world publicize these events they are going to hold, and reach out to people who are actually interested in what is being advertised. And nobody has to pay anything for using this site – event organizers can list all that they want for free here, and people can browse through such listings without having to pay for the privilege either.

Usability-wise, nonBored scores highly in every respect. Events can be posted by filling out a pretty basic form, and once they’ve been indexed then they can be looked up by date and by ZIP code. And both a map view and a list view is available, for people to browse through territories that feature just lots and lots of listings within a short distance one from the other.

Any way you look at it, a service such as this one is infinitely preferable to hiring some bored person to hand flyers out to pedestrians that couldn’t really care less about what is being offered. And it is certainly less expensive than paying a fee on a site like MeetUp in order to get some promotion and exposure. Remember, listing anything on nonBored comes at zero cost. In Their Own Words

Your home for searching and posting local events.

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