NomNom – Are You Taking Full Advantage Of Customer Feedback?

When is the last time someone from your marketing team had a look at a customer support ticket? Any of your developers regular followers of your company’s social media?


Customer feedback arrives in many forms. It’s easy for people to get locked into specific roles and not take into account valuable information received from others in the same company or organization. After all, there’s always plenty of work without looking elsewhere, right?


NomNom helps teams take full advantage of feedback.


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For starters, NomNom aggregates feedback from many sources into one place. Dropbox, email, Zendesk, surveys, app reviews – NomNom connects data from each entry point, so that it’s easy to find in a single location. This alone goes a long way toward greater visibility.


By storing feedback collectively, NomNom also turns feedback into a resource that is easier to search and analyze. Use keywords to find comments on a particular product, for example, or gauge customers’ impressions on user experience over time. Instead of killing yourself to collect, organize, and research data, NoNom allows your team to stay on top of feedback and quickly put it to good use.


NomNom integrates seamlessly with other tools your company might rely on, such as Slack, so that team members can share feedback smartly and collaborate better. Send reports, give a shout out when important feedback arrives – take action faster.




Especially since working remotely has become commonplace, it’s a challenge for team members to remain aware of how others are incorporating feedback. Taking care of customers – listening to them and responding to them – should be an aim that unites the efforts of designers, support staff, marketers and sales teams. NomNom empowers everyone to work together and learn from feedback as best possible.


Pricing depends on the volume of customer feedback you’re looking to synch on a monthly basis. NomNom can accommodate companies of all sizes. Currently, they offer a 15-day free trial period. Contact NomNom for more details.


Need help keeping feedback at the center of conversations? Want to understand your customers better and to share insights throughout your company more easily? Find out how NomNom can maximize your feedback’s usefulness, at


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