Nomly Connects Us With The Best Discovery Tool – Locals

The best resource for exploring a new city? Guide books? Travel magazines? Media related to specific interests (entertainment, dining, sightseeing, etc.)? Review and ratings websites? Nope.


Locals. Nothing tops the knowledge or recommendation of locals. It’s why we chat up our servers, hotel staff, friends, AirBnB host or anyone else with an inside beat when we arrive at a new destination. We trust locals to give us the most reliable recommendations, and to help us quickly find the best of anything that a city has to offer.


And iOS app Nomly makes it easier than ever to access locals’ priceless, firsthand information. Nomly offers personalized, locally-curated discovery recommendations at travel destinations everywhere.


nomly app


All Nomly users have to do is ask. Anyone can post a question in any city, but only locals can make recommendations. Askers can even chat with their local recommenders, further encouraging person-to-person connections (and more elaborate input).


Let’s be honest. We turn to all those other sources of information mentioned earlier to fuel our excitement for visiting a place, not so much because they are helpful. Most of us don’t have spare hours for deep research. At the same time, the Internet is full of enough cranks and crazy chatter that looking for a straight answer is often a maddening endeavor. And how many more top 10 listicles can you endure?


Nomly keeps both travelers and locals out of the familiar traps by allowing them to ask questions about a place and receive answers from those who know best, on-demand. It’s really that simple.


“The questions that users ask tend to be personal and incredibly specific,” says Nomly Founder Kartik Jain, “like ‘Help me find the perfect spot for a Sunday afternoon date that has good wine, comfortable chairs, is high-end, a little bit sexy, and near the Omni westside hotel.’ These are the questions that people prefer asking a real person through Nomly, because it would be a nightmare to search online or browse reviews to find that perfect spot.”


Want to be a “nomoisseur” where you live, and help people discover and appreciate the city as you know it so well? Dying to tap into the local, collective knowledge of the best restaurants, friendliest bars, live music venues, etc? Download the free app from the App Store or learn more at


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