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Nombray.comThe philosophy behind this site is a simple one: “Being online is important. Being found is essential”.


It is no good having an online presence that is more like an apparition that nobody can see. This service attempts to give users a domain that represents who they are, and that can be easily come across should someone carry out an online search.

To these effects, it provides any user with a domain that bears his name, and where the person in question can gather all his best content and share what he has already come up with through sites like Facebook, Twitter or Flickr.

A service like this one serves not only personal purposes, but it is a clear professional launching pad too. Using it, anybody can publicize his services and become more findable on the Internet.

You can get started and look up your domain through the provided search functionality. Note that if you already own your domain you can also benefit from the provided services, as the company will take care of building the site up for you. In Their Own Words

“One you. One site. One owner. Forever. Being online is important. Being found is essential.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is no good having a site that can not be found by anybody. This service will let you ensure you are reachable indeed.

Some Questions About

How much do this service retail for?

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