– Improving Online Video“Making online media deliver” is the motto of this company. In order to make it come true, they have come up with a new media infrastructure that makes for the smooth viewing of videos with low cost delivery and high performance density.

This is accomplished via a suite named Media Flow Director.

In addition to providing users with a detailed description of the features of that suite, the site includes a section entitled “Solutions” that explains how can these products be best employed by publishers, aggregators and service providers.

As it is also customary with corporate websites, you can inform yourself about company news and events, whereas support is provided in the section that goes by the relevant title.

The company promises to let you “experience the difference for your audience and for your bottom line”. If you want to check out whether that is true or not, simply wend your way to the site and spend some time browsing through the sections that have just been described and the provided blog. In Their Own Words

“Making online media deliver.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a well-focused service that accomodates all kind of users.

Some Questions About

What is the price tag of the provided Media Flow Director? Is it worth it?