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NoFoodHere.comIf you are looking for another search engine to try out, is a good bet for getting tons of results in a unique format.


What sets NoFoodHere apart from other search engines is that it allows tabbed searching. In the same web page, you can search for eight different queries, and they are all easily accessible. Also, the results are shown all on the same page. How does that work? Well, when you get to the end of the page of results, you just let the mouse linger there, and suddenly more appear. In Their Own Words

“NoFoodHere is a futuristic search engine created by time-travelling chickens from the 4.5th dimension.

Just kidding. It’s not quite that exciting.

NoFoodHere is an experiment in creating a new, improved search engine. Since the beginning of the internet (and web searching), the web has changed, but search engine pages largely haven’t. NoFoodHere is a modern search engine that uses Web 2.0 technology to stream search results, instead of displaying them page-by-page. It incorporates tabbed searching.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

NoFoodHere is a simple and effective search engine that has developed a few cool, unique features. It really does make research easier since you can just click on the other tabs to see the other query results. Also, in my experience NoFoodHere produces really helpful results that are more accurate than what Google found for me.

Some Questions About

How will NoFoodHere ever compete with giant search engines like Google and Yahoo?

Author : Bruce Turner

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