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NodePing.comEvery single minute your site is down is a visitor that is not coming through, and every visitor that is not coming through equals money going down the drain. And in some cases, it can also mean having to deal with the kind of phone calls everybody can do without from bosses, partners and clients. So, anything that could help us avoid running headlong into such a wall of complications is more than welcome. NodePing is that kind of service.


This new server monitoring system can check uptime and downtime all around the clock, and it costs as little as $10 a month. That fee is giving you the chance to have up to 1000 hosts monitored, and have them checked in one-minute intervals. And if anything goes amiss, to have the relevant notifications put your way via email. You can actually set down multiple email notification addresses, and specify which one NodePing should use to contact you throughout the day. And the $10 fee gives you an unlimited number of notifications every month.

NodePing competes with services such as Pingability and UptimeInspector, some of which actually let you monitor sites for free. In Their Own Words

We provide professional server monitoring at a great price! When your site or service is down, you need to know right away, not when your customers or boss start calling you. NodePing can monitor your web sites and other services and notify you of problems, without costing you a king’s ransom.

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Can it really compete with these sites that offer free monitoring services?

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