Njection.com/Speedtrap – Say Goodbye Speeding Tickets

Njection.com/SpeedtrapMost people aren’t too keen on speeding tickets especially when those hefty fines are for miniscule infractions. In order to help you out of such a jam, Injection, the auto enthusiast’s community, has developed SpeedTrap, a Microsoft Live Maps mashup which utilizes user submitted data to plot police speed traps.

Members may also post other relevant info, such as type of speed detection used, posted speed limit, and how often they’re set up. Soon to come: uploading from GPS devices and GPS enabled phones. There are already a fair number of traps pinpointed on the map, but if you’ve been busted by the speed cops recently, Njection wants to know—spread the word and help the cause, create an account.

Njection.com/Speedtrap In Their Own Words

“Available now is Speed Trap, a mashup (Web application hybrid) that combines Microsoft Live Maps and the ability to pinpoint and review speed traps located anywhere on the planet. The information shared by its members is placed into a database and can be viewed by anyone. In addition to the location of the trap, members can post detailed information such as the type of speed detection used, posted speed limit, and level of enforcement. Membership is totally free. Speeding tickets are not. Insurance price quotes for a car/auto after a ticket is even worse. Inform yourself and others. Future revisions of the site will allow for uploading to mobile GPS devices and GPS Enabled Phones. Help Spread The Word.”

Why Njection.com/Speedtrap It Might Be A Killer

SpeedTrap happens to be a site that is actually practical and desirable in the real world. Insurance is already expensive enough and it gets worse if you get a ticket. Just one mile above the speed limit could do you in. SpeedTrap will save you money.

Some Questions About Njection.com/Speedtrap

How is Njection going to make its little project known to more people? Will they add SMS alerts? What about ratings for users? Njection.com/Speedtrap