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Niremap.comNiremap is a web-based service that enables the user to manage his existing bookmarks by using geolocation – the process of identifying the real-world location of any device which has an Internet connection.


A service like this has many uses.

For instance, if you bookmark a page from a place whose exact location you don’t know and you wish to learn more about that specific place, you can do so via the provided service. What’s more, you can easily locate the concrete location of places where events of any kind are going to be held.

The site also has many social network features since you can see the places that those in your circle of friends have visited. This gives you the chance to find places you might never have heard of and bookmark them for future holidays.

A nice touch is that the site is available both in English and in Spanish, effectively broadening the scope this website has and giving it additional impact. In Their Own Words

“Geolocalize your bookmarks.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It adds a whole dimension to traveling and finding new locations.

Some Questions About

Are there similar services on offer elsewhere?

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