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NimbleCommerce.comDaily deal websites have quickly become one of the most representative facets of eCommerce. And now, everybody wants a slice of the cake. That is what a service like Nimble Commerce is here for. It will let people like you and me put together a deal using a design tool, and the many publishers that the company already has links with. Nimble Commerce takes care of aspects like the distribution of coupons, and so on. All that the user has got to do is come up with an exciting deal, using the elements that are provided, and then his website will become fortified with group buying elements.


Also, if you resort to Nimble Commerce to create a deal you are actually enabling your punters to interact with each other, and (to all intents and purposes) become brand ambassadors that will drive far more sales in.

And that is the exact value of Nimble Commerce, in the end – how it lets merchants leverage the power of the Social Web and turn happy customers into flag bearers that can arise interest in such a grand way. In Their Own Words

NimbleCommerce creates tools and services for social engagement. We believe in new models of commerce and branding that go beyond setting up a site, paying thousands of dollars to Google for traffic, and waiting for the customers to wander in. We believe in proactive ecommerce.

Our tools let merchants and brands tap into social networks by creating novel ways for customers to interact. For example, customers who are interested in purchasing a product, but need more info now can tap into a community to ask a question.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let any merchant come up with competitive social offers.

Some Questions About

What else can be done through the site?

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