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NiLi Will Be Your Personal Nightlife Concierge

When you’re a party person, figuring out where to go and working out all of the logistics of what needs to happen when you get there can be a full-time job. What’s the latest, hottest place? What should you wear? What can you expect when you arrive? What about those asshole bouncers?


NiLi is a new app that’s all about making the process of going out so much smoother. Calling themselves “Your Nightlife Concierge,” the app provides a hand-curated list of the best venues in major US cities. (It’s currently available in LA, Las Vegas, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, New York City, Seattle, and New Orleans.) Their venues include everything from clubs to lounges to bars. They even cover a range of LGBT events, burlesque shows, and live music.


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So what info, exactly, does the app provide? In addition to giving you a list of badass options for your Friday night, NiLi will tell you the dress code, who is performing, how much it will cost you to get in, and a whole lot of other information that will help your night go smoother. For example, for the beginning of the evening, the app will let you know what the dress code is (so you don’t have to worry about being turned away at the door).


They’ll also connect you directly with the place you need to go to buy tickets or make bottle service reservations. And if you’re really feeling like a baller, NiLi has exclusive VIP tickets that let you skip the long lines and get right to your evening.


Going out is supposed to be fun, but with all of the options out there and all of the different requirements for every single place, it can seem a whole lot more like work. With NiLi, you’ll never have to spend hours jumping from site to site to gather all of the info you need for a good night out. If you’re in one of the cities they’re currently available, download their app for iOS or Android.


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