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Nfluence.comImagine how cool would it be if every single time you’re spammed you were actually receiving a message promoting a product you’d love to have. It sounds too good to be true, right? Like the kind of thing that would only become available in a hundred years. Well, I’m really glad to introduce you to this new company. Because it does exactly that: provide you with a 100% personalized consumer experience. nFluence can let you know about relevant products only, by becoming what’s called an “advertar”.

An advertar is the one who takes an online test to determine which products he likes and which he couldn’t care less about. The way the whole system works, if you become an advertar you’d do so without having to reveal any kind of personal information. Advertars are only asked to pick these products they like from the ones they don’t. At no point will you have to disclose information like how old you are, or what you do for a living.

And once you’ve become an advertar, then you can download dealBoard, the company’s own app for product recommendations. This app features more than 35,000 offers, and these come straight from travel companies, restaurants and all kind of retailers. And these offers are filtered based not only on your tastes, but also on your current location. So, not only will you get to know about interesting items, you’ll also get to know about them at the most suitable of times. In Their Own Words

nFluence empowers consumers to retake control of their digital presence.

We’ve thought long and hard to devise a manner in which consumers can create their own anonymous profiles, called advertars, and use them to personalize the information that comes their way. In this way, consumers are able to take back control? and use THEIR nFluence!

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What’s exactly the expansion plan of this company? How quickly can a platform like this one be adopted?

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