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NFLShouts.comNFLShouts is a social site for those who are keen on NFL, College Football and Rugby. By now, there are social sites just for everything and everybody.


The emergence of a site like this one is not only understandable but also very suitable given the popularity that NFL and College Football have all over the United States. There is a ready market for this, and where there is a demand there is always going to be someone that meets it.

There is no need to explain that fans of the sport have a chance to intercommunicate and share media through it. What could be mentioned is that the site places a lot of emphasis on usability since you can log in not only via Facebook Connect but also through Twitter and Ning. And if you have an OpenID you can get in like that, too.

Furthermore, the whole site is accessible on your mobile. That means you can post updates right from the stadium, and rile your friends/relatives who happen to support your rival team and who are sitting on the other side of the field. In Their Own Words

“NFLShouts is a FREE service for football fans of any NFL team. Communicate and connect through the exchange of quick, frequent “shouts”. You can shout words, pictures, links, and even YouTube videos.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Fans of the sport will just be in cloud number nine.

Some Questions About

Are there other sites like it already available?

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