– Record A Job Interview Online

NextEmployee.comThere is nothing that employers like best than proactive individuals. This particular site will let you cause a very good impression when approaching any employer, as it will make it all too clear that you are one to push forward.

Basically, through the site you will be able to record a job interview and send it to those employers you are interested in.

The interview is the defining moment of any job screening process. If you take the first step and show your prospective boss that you are keen on communicating and that you have nothing to hide, it is not that much of stretch to say you have taken down one of the main barriers standing in the way, if not the principal one.

This service is a free one. You simply register, open up your own account and by using your webcam you proceed to shoot the interview. Once it is ready, you just send it by mail to your intended recipient, and hopefully get ahead of the curve and be selected ahead of others. In Their Own Words

“ is a FREE service during our LE Beta testing version. It is a web-based Employee Marketplace TM where candidates convert their interviews into a product that a recruiter or a company can shop for. For Companies it becomes an easy way shop for the Next Employee with pre-recorded Video Interviews.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a tool is the perfect one as far as causing a solid first impression is concerned when looking for a job.

Some Questions About

How long can an interview you record this way be?