– Blogs, Mixed’s stepping up its game and getting into the web-music-blog-mashup-mp3 field. Designed by Yahoo’s Media Innovation Group, Blog Remix is a new experimental desktop application currently in the early alpha release stages.

It marks the latest in experimental apps launched by Yahoo! as it’s preparing its very own music service. Blog Remix takes the mixtape concept and brings it to the world of music blogs.With Blog Remix you can merge and mashup your favorite MP3’s and blog content giving you an audio-visual remix. You can save and share your creations with friends. Blog Remix is a downloadable app that runs on Adobe AIR Runtime. Yahoo has already lined up a list of blogs for you to get started with. The music also comes pulled from the sites so you can add them directly to your playlist. Playlists can be exported to iTunes, or published as an RSS feed. In Their Own Words

“Blog Remix is an experimental desktop application from Yahoo!’s Media Innovation Group that lets you remix your favorite MP3 blogs. Spend a couple hours immersed in the world of music blogs, saving your favorite posts and building up your own personal mix along the way. When you’re done, you can save the result for future reference or export it as a playlist, podcast, or feed (RSS or Atom) to share with your friends.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Blog Remix is an interesting concept likely to appeal to music lovers. It takes the idea of mashup to a new level and helps you create an audio-visual representation of the music you love.

Some Questions About

Will Yahoo make a browser-based version of Blog Remix? Currently, you’ve got to download both the Remix app as well as Adobe AIR Runtime. Will users be bothered to download?