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NewTeeVee.comFrom Om Malik´s expanding GigaOM network comes the stylish, brand new NewTeeVee. This ultra slick vlog covers the latest in online videos.


You´ll find below the beaming orange logo a row of the most interesting videos, SNL clips, cute animals, and interviews for example. Directly below is the blog thread which covers technology and media related news and stories. In the right side panel are Categories, featuring legal and regulatory news, P2P, and much more. The site is well executed, with meticulous construction to effect overall usability. Expect clever blog posts with the most relevant information. Newteevee´s visually engaging and it´s got great content. In Their Own Words

“You´ve arrived at the newest member of the GigaOM family, We aim to cover online video from end to end and front to back. We´ll point you to hot startups, hot videos, hot pipes — tracing the talent, money, code, and data across the network. We´ll combine the signature GigaOM skepticism with a healthy sense of wonder for all the cool stuff that´s going on out there. And lots and lots of pictures and video.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site already has some enthusiastic buzz around it, and what with the popularity of TV and IPTV, NewTeeVee´s covering hot property. People love online videos; IPTV may just kill the television industry.

Some Questions About

The blog threads are interesting and pretty far reaching as far as TV on the internet goes, but will people be that enthused about reading rather than watching? The success of the internet tube is due to the incredible ease of whiling away hours watching anything and everything, no real thought needed; do people necessarily want to read about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or Hilary ‘84?

Author : Siri Marshall

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