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Newstwit.comIf we conducted a poll asking the average John and Jane what is their preferred way of accessing the news, I am sure CNN & Co. will top the list effortlessly.

As strong as Twitter is, it needs a couple more apparitions and mentions in shows like Oprah’s in order to make the guy in the cornershop turn to it for good. Still, those who are even partially tech-savvy know the advantages that it brings about. And if they don’t, visiting a site like Newstwit exemplifies perfectly the way it is used to transmit the most recent news.

The site gathers together the latest news, arranged by category. Some of these include “Sports”, “Tech”, “The left” and “The right”, along with a section that is dedicated from start to finish to national coverage. Besides, a “Hot Channels” section spotlights the best of the best to be found here.

The content of each one of these sections is presented back to the user in real-time, and that is exactly where the charm of the site lies. As a platform, Twitter is characterized by providing twitterers with information the kind that had journalists screaming “Stop press! Stop press!” in the past. Now all that they have to do is tweet out. And as readers, all we have to do is visit a site like Newstwit in order to catch the latest copy. In Their Own Words

“Newstwit is a Real Time news aggregator and filter.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are looking for the latest news only, a site like this one offers them in an ordered fashion.

Some Questions About

Shouldn’t more categories be added?