search cancel – British tabloid homepage of the world, a British publication that appears on sundays, is one of England’s most scandal-inducing tabloids, presenting full coverage to showbiz and football celebrities’ shenanigans, nudes, sex-lives, and other similar topics. You can subscribe to this site’s regular updates (several times per day) via RSS or choose to receive alerts in your mobile phone.


There are several ongoing polls and forums where users can depart at leisure about their favorite topics or discuss them with the star columnists. The site also hosts several videos and clippings from other tabloids, so users can revel in the scandalous behavior of celebrities and sports players that, dumbly enough, always get on film which later make it to the internet. At this site you will also be able to read your horoscope, sell your story to the tabloid, and read special comment on particularly big reality TV shows.

Author : Steve Dixon

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