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Newsle.comKnowing what our Facebook friends are doing is not as easy as it should be. There is so much noise there that the only way to stay on top of things would be to sit in front of your computer and start going through your news feed item by item. This invariably means browsing through posts that really tell you nothing about the people you care about.

Newsle has been devised as a solution of sorts to such a conundrum. In general, we can define it as an alternative newsfeed whose dynamics are set down by each individual user.

On Newsle, you can have news about your contacts culled straight from Facebook and LinkedIn, and by telling Newsle which are important to you and which are irrelevant the application will understand what to show you and what to omit from that point onwards.

And the fact data can be culled both from Facebook and from LinkedIn means that when using Newsle you will be able to follow not just your friends but also public figures. Any budding entrepreneur will have a splendid chance to follow the big guys around, and learn from every step they are taking. In Their Own Words

News about your people.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to know what the people who are in your life and/or who inspire you are doing at all times.

Some Questions About

What about other social services like Twitter? Are these being supported one day too?

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