– Ajax Based Feed Reader

NewsAlloy.comIf you haven’t noticed, feeds are all over the place. And with so many feeds out there, you can never have enough feed readers, now can you? Joining the feed reading gang is NewsAlloy.

NewsAlloy is an Ajax based RSS reader with options for grouping feeds into channels and archiving, plus OPML import functionality. It’s got something they call a ‘zero refresh feature’ and Gmail style navigation. You’ll also find pinning, tags, and hotkeys. Mobile integration gives you access to your feeds from your favorite on-the-go device. Be sure to check out the feed directory to get an idea of the scope of Alloy’s repository, and to find out which feeds are the most popular. NewsAlloy also has multi-lingual support, so you won’t miss out on news in Korean or Hebrew, if that’s more your style. In Their Own Words

“News Alloy is a free Web Based Feed Reader for discovering, reading, and sharing news and information.
News Alloy lets you view information from a wide variety of news sources, special interest publications and blogs via RSS and Atom in an easy to use and manageable way via Web Based AJAX Driven GUI and Mobile/PDA enabled service.
To begin your experience with News Alloy please register your FREE account and start reading your favourite news in new and efficient way!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

NewsAlloy is feature rich and has solid construction. It’s relatively intuitive with drag and drop feed management and its Gmail-esque navigation. Gives you everything you need to keep up with your feeds.

Some Questions About

Will this only be a mainstay of techno geeks? The format and design aren’t mainstream. How are they going to draw in more users?