All The News That’s Fit To Break The Internet: TLDR

Today’s Killer Startup: TLDR


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Elevator Pitch:

TLDR brings all of the latest news to your new tabs, super fast.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Most of us know that part of being a responsible adult is keeping up with the news, right? But let’s be real: 1. news is often depressing and boring, 2. the internet is full of shiny things that very, very easily distract us from the news. What is an adult who’s trying to be good at adulting ever to do?


Well, TLDR is one solution. The name, of course, stands for “Too Long; Didn’t Read,” a common internet shorthand used to summarize long, complicated articles. This TLDR is a Google Chrome extension that turns your new tab into a news source, delivering the latest news as soon as it breaks, in an easily digestible form. But it’s not just any news — the stories are human curated, so you can rest assured that you’re not just getting random algorithm-chosen stories.


They’re also committed to delivering news in a way that adults of 2015 will find palatable and, dare I say, even interesting. In their own words:


“And we’re not just talking about the IMPORTANT stories you’re SUPPOSED to follow. Oh, sure, we’ve got all that, easily skimmable and written with context in mind so we don’t lose you. But we’re also covering the fun stuff that makes the Internet worthwhile, so you’ll get your daily dose of adorable cats, overtly-sexual Scandinavian TV commercials, insane Russian dash cam footage and things made of bacon that would not ordinarily be made of bacon.”


Kind of brilliant, right? That description alone makes me want to install the extension, just because it’s clear that whatever they come up with will definitely be cheeky and may even make me laugh. TLDR is a new solution to the “be world aware if you’re going to be a responsible adult” problem.



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