New.FM – Promote Your Band Across the Social Networks

New.FMNew.FM is a site designed to help musicians and labels alike to promote bands.

Creating your own artist-account is free, and the sign-up process is quick and painless. First you enter the name of your band, so the site can check and make sure an artist page has not already been established. The site has already listed hundreds of artists on its own, using information obtained from record labels or artist web sites. If your band is not already listed, you can create an account and then upload photos, videos, and audio files, or even send video messages to your fans. You can also add news, concert information, or links. Best of all, you can use New.FM to create and manage your band’s Facebook,, Ednetz, Last.FM, and JoinR artist pages, all from one site, with more partner sites to be added soon. Labels can also use New.FM as a central place to manage artist pages for all of their acts. New.FM is available in English or German.

New.FM In Their Own Words

Make them users fans!
Music. Get your songs heard by millions of listeners
News. Inform your fans about recent activities and tour dates
Reach. Manage all your network pages from only one site
Control. See the results of your campaigns and improve your promotion

Why New.FM It Might Be A Killer

Musicians, especially unknown or new artists or bands, will appreciate the chance at widespread publicity through creating artist pages across several social networks, all from one place. Likewise, labels might appreciate New.FM for helping them to streamline and centralize managing artists pages for all of the various acts they represent.

Some Questions About New.FM

What other social networks does New.FM plan to add as partners? Are labels really going to use a fairly new third-party site like New.FM to manage social network artists pages for their acts? How does New.FM plan to make a profit if the service is free? New.FM