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Today’s Killer Startup: NeverEatAlone


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Elevator Pitch:

NeverEatAlone turns lunch hour into a time for networking with people in your company.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Before I get into why I think NeverEatAlone is a great idea, let me confess that I personally have never worked for a large corporation. My employment history is varied, from construction work to cashier in a vintage store in NYC to social worker in the South Bronx to blogger, but there is not one big corporation included in that list.


However, just because I’ve never been a part of a corporation doesn’t mean I can’t empathize with folks who have, which is why I absolutely think NeverEatAlone is a great idea — even if I’ll never utilize it myself.


Founder Marie came up with the idea for NeverEatAlone when she was working at UBS. She spent the time at her corporation scheduling lunches with different employees, a move that led her to eventually having lunch with the CEO of UBS. She discovered through her own networking that a lot of people were interested in getting more connected to their coworkers, but didn’t know how. Hence,  the idea for NeverEatAlone was born.


The idea is simple: NeverEatAlone wants to help employees utilize their lunch hours. Instead of eating alone or eating at their desks, users can use NeverEatAlone to easily set up lunch meetings with their colleagues throughout their companies. It’s a great way to break the silos that so commonly form within large companies, where it’s super easy to only interact with the people who do the same things you do.


NeverEatAlone not only benefits individual employees but also helps out the companies themselves, by aiding employees who want to meet other employees. Those kinds of cross-silo interactions promote the spread and sharing of ideas, which undoubtedly contributes to interesting growth for the company.



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