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Never Spend Another Hour On The Phone With Customer Service Again

Today’s Killer Startup: Service



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Elevator Pitch:

Service takes care of all your customer service issues, for free.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I was listening to an episode of the awesome podcast Reply All (which, if you aren’t already listening yet, go and subscribe as soon as you’re done reading this post) in which a guy gets a really disturbing call from Comcast customer service. The service rep calling said some really f’d up things — including using the word “dickhole” to describe the customer — and in the end (SPOILER ALERT), it turned out not to be a rep at all but a prank call. However, Comcast is so famous for their insanely terrible customer service that the guy getting pranked never doubted that the call was legit.


And while Comcast might be one of the worst offenders, there’s no doubt that dealing with customer service is usually the worst. Who hasn’t been stuck on the phone for hours or caught in a volley of bullshit emails that get you nowhere except pissed off?


Well folks, those days are over thanks to Service. The brand new site promises to take care of any customer service issues you’re facing, whether it’s an airline that owes you compensation after a delayed flight or waived fees on a delivery that didn’t arrive on time. Now, instead of hours spent on the phone, all you have to do is tell Service what your problem is and send them any supporting documentation. What used to be a dreaded experience is transformed into an easy breezy transaction.


They’re also offering this service totally free, for the moment, as they build up their name. They straight-up say on their site that they’ll monetize eventually, however, (gotta pay those bills, boo) so I’d recommend hopping up on it ASAP.



Never spend another MINUTE on the phone with customer service again. @service will do it for you.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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