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Ready To Never, Ever Lose Your Personal And Professional Contacts Again?

If I had a dollar for every time I saw a post on Facebook of someone informing the world that they’d lost their phone and therefore needed everyone to send over their numbers, I’d be able to buy myself new phones for the rest of my life. Somehow we’ve managed to develop into a culture that saves all of our important information — both personal and professional — on these very, very easy to lose little computers we call smartphones.


Doesn’t sound like the best idea ever, does it?


KeepMyContact is a new service that will make sure you never have to post one of those “PM me your number, please!” posts on Facebook again. The service is a dynamic contact management app that not only helps you keep track of all of your contacts but also lets you control how your information appears in other people’s contact lists.




On the “never lose your contacts again” side of things, KeepMyContact stores all of your info in the cloud and updates it across all of your mobile devices, so losing your phone is no longer the catastrophe it once was. It also — and this is cool — automatically updates any of your contacts that are also using KeepMyContact once they update info on their end. So, for example, if your colleague has a new email address that they’re using now, once they put that info into their accounts it will show up in yours too.


KeepMyContact also makes it super easy to keep track of your contacts’ social media links as well as share your own. You can choose which links you want your contacts to have access to, and you add another layer of protection by enabling as many filters as you choose. It’s true, 100% control, in a way that you’ve never seen before.


“Contact information is the most important piece in building business and other types of relationships,” said Martin Siwy, founder of KeepMyContact. “We’ll continue to provide and keep improving what we believe is the best platform to seamlessly keep your contact information always up to date with your contacts and vice versa.”


While the service launched in June this year, they’ve already gained an impressive following. Swiss shared with KillerStartups that they’re reaching over 1 million people a week via their social media accounts, have “thousands” of registered users, and are rated at 4.6 out of 5 stars on Google Play already.


So are you tired of the hassle that is losing all of your contacts? Sick of sending out updates every time the slightest thing in your own information changes? It’s time for you to get KeepMyContact.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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