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Never Cancel A Card Again – This Is Your Final Credit Card

Today’s Killer Startup: Final



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Elevator Pitch:

Final is a new kind of credit card that makes security breaches impossible.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Credit cards are great because they’re super convenient, right? Just put in those little numbers and you can buy basically anything, from anywhere.


Credit cards are not great, however, because they’re highly susceptible to security breaches. Whether a company gets hacked – like Target famously did a couple of years ago – or your own number gets stolen and used without your permission, the results are the same: cut up the card, cancel it with every vendor who has it on file, and wait for your new one to come in the mail.




Security breaches are becoming more and more common, which means that this annoying process is becoming more common too, but what if there was a way to avoid the whole rigamarole? What if a security breach didn’t have to mean that your card went in the trash and you had to start all over again?


Well, now there is. It’s called Final and it’s awesome.


Rather than giving you one number that’s assigned to your card, the Final credit card has an unlimited number of potential numbers. Each time you work with a vendor, that vendor gets their own number, which Final will automatically manage for you. That way, if the vendor is compromised by a security breach, all you have to do is shut down that number.


No more scissors. No more waiting for the card to come in the mail. No more hassle.




Final also comes with an app that helps people build their credit, without also building crippling debt. You can limit your spending based on your financial goals and immediately see how purchases effect your credit. Oh, yeah, and you can also monitor every single transaction, so as soon as something fishy happens, you can put a stop to it.


The Final credit card has already seen more than 45,000 people sign up for their wait list and they’re currently closing a second round of fundraising. Are you ready to throw away those credit-card cutting scissors forever? Get Final. You won’t regret it.



A credit card that is IMMUNE to security breaches?? NO F’IN WAY. @final


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