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Netviewer.comThis German company was inspired by a simple idea: using the Internet for visual communication. The solutions on offer make for transcending spatial distances and collaborating with others as if all concerned parties were located in the same room.

Users can see each other’s texts and edit them in a joint manner.

The products on offer are described on the corresponding part of the site. These include “Netviewer Meet”, “Netviewer Present”, “Netviewer Support” and “Netviewer Admin”. They cater for different purposes, but the basic premise stays the same: users can share contents over the web by instantly showing others what is on their computer screens.

Solutions like these save time and money by reducing the need for business travel, not to mention avoiding stress. The site also claims that by traveling less, its users are actually making a contribution towards protecting the environment.

A live demo can be requested whenever you want, and a free trial version is provided for reference purposes. You can also place an order by following the provided link. In Their Own Words

“The company’s strategy is to make visual communication over the Internet as simple as possible yet completely secure and intuitive for its users.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

These solutions make for saving time and money while improving efficiency and productivity in the process.

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How much do the featured solutions cost?

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