NetObjex – At Last, A Smart Way To Use Smart Objects

The Internet, in particular the Internet of Things, has transformative power. IoT technology can change the way companies do business, enable the creation of entirely new businesses and services. But how do you harness this power? How do you effectively link and deploy smart devices?


NetObjex has the answers. In the words of its makers, “NetObjex is a platform for rapid turnkey deployment of Smart IoT Device Networks.” Perhaps you’ve already made smart devices but need help connecting them in a cloud. Maybe you have networks of devices but want to create an entire ecosystem that allows them to communicate all together. NetObjex has the experienced team and technology to deliver the right solutions.


netobjex landing


What exactly does this mean they can do? Well, NetObjex can help businesses manage all sorts of devices, including beacons, drones, and virtual reality goggles. If you want to set up smart kiosks, NetObjex is up to task. Not only can NetObjex help develop these devices to perform according to your needs, but they’re prepared to help you mange entire fleets of devices.


Track shipping containers throughout the world, collect data from items in retail stores to better understand customers’ shopping habits, use location as part of notification and proximity-messaging systems. NetObjex platforms can power and support all such efforts and more.


The NetObjex mission is to “provide enterprises and technology companies with the most comprehensive IoT platform in the world.” Thanks to a founding group with roots in multiple disciplines, NetObjex has the agility to offer solutions in many sectors, including  retail, energy, transportation, financial services and healthcare.


The flexibility of NetObjex also makes them an ideal partner for boosting consumer engagement and handling data. They can easily integrate ad campaigns, surveys, and notifications into both devices and applications. Real-time data can be used to trigger responses, say, when an elevator fails or a car starts without a child’s seat belt properly fastened.


NetObjex offers a myriad of solutions. Through united, device, cloud, and mobile platforms, they facilitate your business. Managing devices, collecting data, linking legacy enterprise systems in the cloud, etc. – instead of enlisting the help of many specialized services to handle different facets of any operation, turn to NetObjex for a single, complete solution.


End to end, learn more about how NetObjex can bridge gaps between the physical and virtual worlds and can power your business, at


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