– A Blog And Wiki in One

Netcipia.comNetcipia is about collaboration; it”s about participation, and to that end, they”ve developed a free blog and wiki platform. The freebie version includes the following features: an unlimited number of places, users, and pages, 2GB of storage, WYSIWYG editing, 10MB attachments, pictures, search, admin rights, wiki syntax and email support.

If you dish out $149 a month you”ll get a dedicated server, 150GB of storage, 100MB attachments, your own domain name, and SSL (for an extra charge), among other things. So what”s all the fuss? Netcipia is dedicated to participative experiences; their aim is to enable simple interaction and exchange. It”s also, they claim, the first participative suite available on the net. In Their Own Words

“Ready for Web 2.0 Participation?

Why It Might Be A Killer

Netcipia”s participation oriented ethos is very zeitgeisty and web 2.0-ish. They”ve certainly got it spot on that collaboration is the new game to play. With city wide wifi in the works, and end users scrambler to get their hands on projects, Netcipia could prove to be a big player.

Some Questions About

Is Netcipia”s suite really something that users will use? There are plenty of collab tools and wikis out there with similar features. Is Netcipia too premature? Will users want to pay $149 a month?