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Nestio.comSomething like Nestio is going to make the day of all those who are looking for a place to live in. This new web service will let them centralize all their searches, and compare information on all the houses and flats that they have come across at a glance. They will be enabled to see all the photos they have taken (or that are available online), and all the notes that they have made regarding each property.

And in addition to letting users centralize all that data, Nestio can take care of sending out automatic notifications whenever the information for any listing that had been saved has changed. In this way, it is very easy to learn about price drops, and get ahold of these places that had impressed you over but whose prices were on the prohibitive side.

Features that are to be added soon (and that might even become available by the time you are reading this) will include the ability to share data with all of your friends (and determine the best place to live in a much faster way), and also mobile apps to go with all the main smartphones available in the market today. In Their Own Words

Making it easier to find a place to live.

Why It Might Be A Killer

People looking for a place to rent or buy could hardly ask for anything handier than this – as many properties as they could possibly want can be compared through the site. And once mobile apps are released, then the service should be something to write home about.

Some Questions About

Which mobiles are being supported next?