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Nesteggr.comBefore you hire someone to do your taxes or pick up the phone to call your broker for some stock advice, you might want to try your luck at asking a question on Nesteggr. Nesteggr is a new financial community where you can find advice to help you make an informed monetary decision or investment.

There are several ways that you can go about finding answers to your financial question on Nesteggr. One is to ask your question directly; go to the “Answers” section of the site and ask for some expert advice. To do this, you’ll need to be a member, so make sure to sign up for the site (it’s free). Your question will be answered by other users, and you can in turn vote on the best answers to questions. Additionally, you can browse through questions by topic or tag, or Nesteggr user blogs to see if you can find the information you need. Nesteggr also aggregates stock and investment information for all over the web, so if you’re looking to buy or sell shares, you can find pertinent data. You can also rate stocks (Bullish, Bearish, or Neutral), and view graphs of a stock’s activity, see what it opened and closed at for a given day, its highs and lows over a given period, etc. Be sure to complete your personal profile, where you can create your own on-site blog and manage your stock ratings, and sign up for the site’s RSS feed. In Their Own Words

“Nesteggr is your trusted place to find advice & suggestions for all your financial decisions. With Nesteggr you can:
Get stock & investment information from all over the web
Share stock & mutual fund research s well as picks
Ask questions and share your financial knowledge.
Search across all financial blogs
Build your financial reputation in the nesteggr community”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Nesteggr is a great financial resource for anyone from the beginning investor to the seasoned Wall Street stock broker. Not only is it extremely easy to find answers and get advice about your financial issues, it’s also a great way to build your credibility among a professional, savvy financial community. The site is extremely user-friendly, and even the most financially illiterate individual should feel comfortable navigating the site and deriving relevant information from it.

Some Questions About

The site could benefit from offering embeddable widgets (maybe a stock ticker?) that you could feature on your other sites/blogs. Also notably absent are mobile updates.