search cancel – Social News that Shares the Wealth is a social news site that splits the ad revenue made of a story 50/50 with the user who submitted it.


When you sign up for a NerdyNews account you are asked to either associate with an existing Google AdSense account or to create a new AdSense account (which they can do for you right from the site). Once you have a Google AdSense account, you can display ads (served from on your site. If their users click these ads, they make money. From then on, whenever you post an interesting link to the site, you get 50% of the ad revenue made over your submissions comment page. For each story there is a comment page. The more comments those stories have, they will receive a better position on the site. In Their Own Words

“ is an AdSense API partner, which means that Google has bestowed on us the ability to display ads on our users behalf (with a 50% revenue share). This means that you’ll make 50% of the money made off your submissions comment pages, paid to your AdSense account, by Google.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Splitting ad revenue on user generated content sites is the future of these kinds of sites, and the new Google AdSense API, makes this easy. Another factor that makes killer is the bookmarklet submission system. Once you install the bookmarklet (by dragging a link to your browsers link bar) you can submit any page you happen to have surfed to simply by clicking the bookmark. The best part is that the bookmark doesn’t take you away from the page you’re on to submit.

Some Questions About

Will they repair some failures that this site presents in terms of navigation?

Author : Charly Zaks

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