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Neokast.comSelf-described as a provider of cost-effective video streaming solutions, Neokast enables users everywhere to broadcast high quality multimedia content via the Internet, reaching a potential audience of billions.


The company has developed three different products so far, and these are described at the site.

They go by the names of QuickKast, Stream Server and Stream Player. QuickKast is a free browser-based application that makes for broadcasting video over the web. Such a tool is suitable for non-corporate users of every denomination – from amateur bloggers to professional sports team, the possibilities are endless.

For its part, Stream Server is a professional broadcasting solution that is geared towards established organizations that are looking for new ways of delivering contents. Finally, Stream Player is a client that can be embedded on any website to the effects of displaying Neokast streams.

As a conclusion, the provided solutions will appeal both to individual users and professional content distributors spanning the world over. If you have always wanted to try your hand at such activity yet never knew how to get started, this site is as good as any other to get acquainted with the concept and its nuances. In Their Own Words

“Neokast’s mission is to provide individuals and businesses around the globe with the most affordable, highest quality solutions for delivering online multimedia content available. By empowering anyone in the world to broadcast live video 24/7 in good quality and for free, Neokast aims to spark a global revolution in communication, media, and broadcasting.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The company provides a very interesting set of tools, which are easy to implement and put into practice.

Some Questions About

How knowledgeable must you be to make the best out of the available solutions?

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