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NeoAid.comNeoAid is a community site that lets users support charities over the web. How is that accomplished? Basically, whenever you carry out a search from the main page you are generating donations that go to the causes you champion.

So far, seven different causes are supported and these include environmentalist causes as well as any initiative that promotes the understanding and love among human beings. By way of example, UNICEF, Direct Relief International, Animal Welfare and City of Hope are among the supported charities and organizations.

In case you are wondering how the system is exactly implemented, each time you carry out a search from the main page NeoAid receives money from the advertisers whose ads appear on your results page. Moreover, the site lets you shop online, and it will receive a commission from any purchase you make. Retail locations both in the US and in Canada are duly supported.

In addition to that, the site lists free offers that will mean a donation will be forthcoming whenever you sign up for one, whereas the site also includes a wide-ranging collection of public domain software that will redound to income for the company if you decide to use it.

The team behind this initiative hopes to eventually let users support any cause whatsoever, and not just one from the seven causes which are currently supported. That is certainly going to be an interesting development, and broaden its appeal considerably. Still, do not hesitate to visit the site as I am certain that at least one of the causes that are supported right now will resonate with you. In Their Own Words

“NeoAid aims to allow anyone to donate to any good cause, using any technology, by becoming the reference point and leader in global e-philanthropy.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such an approach makes global e-philanthropy come true, and it offers a platform that seems to be very viable indeed for raising awareness and funds alike.

Some Questions About

When will new charities be added to the provided list?