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Nelements.orgNelements gives you a mind mapping tool to let you work with a 3D visual map. This site was created in order to give users information about mind maps, in a clear way. In case you are looking for details about mind mapping, this site could be of help to you. You can stop by this site to find details about quality mapping software, in a simple way. might be important for those who are interested in learning about mind maps, by using many tools. With this site you can learn everything about mind mapping, in a smart way. This site also provides you with data about quality mapping software, fast.

Many users stop by to find accurate information about mind mapping, with just a click. When you look for tools to learn about mind mapping, it is always helpful to use as a good option to keep in mind. In Their Own Words

\”Nelements KOS is a 3d Mind Mapping tool that you can use to organize your knowledge in 3d. 3d knowledge organization allows one to represent knowledge in the language of thought. You can make 3d concept maps with Nelements KOS and also organize your knowledge using the idea of the Roman Room method where you list items at specific 3d locations.

Nelements stands for Note Elements and is the name of the language of thought. This language of thought has 6 alphabets which are sights, sounds, feelings, smell, taste, and ideas. Through these components, anyone can build up their own language of thought according to his/her background and then use that language to communicate with others directly rather than translating it to a written language such as English or French.

The Nelements Knowledge Organization System (KOS) is the official structural support tool for the Nelements language. It is developed by Ayar Software. Ayar Software is an organization that started in 2005 and has produced the Word Descrambler program. Ayar Software is part of Ayar Corp. The developer of Nelements is Zahid Ayar. You can check out his blog here.

Nelements stands for ‘Note Elements’. Just as how the physical world that we perceive around us is thought to be made up of elementary ‘elements’, we can think of the knowledge world to be made up of elements as well. Information and knowledge can be taken note of and passed on to others, or reviewed again at a later time. So the units making up the knowledge world can be called as ‘Nelements’. Similar to how the atoms that make up the elements of the physical world have a structure, nelements also have a structure that can be applied to construct the various fields of knowledge.

Just as how we have travelers who go around the world seeing new places and new sights, we can have knowledge engineers and scholars who travel around the knowledge world and increase their understanding and knowledge. By taking clear and understandable notes of their insights of the knowledge world, other people may also travel to those areas in knowledge and learn those areas as well.\”

Why It Might Be A Killer is easily to navigate and contains a great deal of information on its theory and mapping tool. features screen shots of the tools which is helpful so that users can know what to expect and see how they can use the tool. The help section gives you detailed instructions on how to install the service and use the keyboard controls.

Some Questions About could have a more attractive interface especially if it is a 3D mind mapping service. The graphics seem to be simple and flat. The screen shots of the mind mapping tool also seemed to have old, flat graphics. Including modern detailed graphics to both the application and the site would make more attractive to users. there are many mind mapping services and applications that have modern graphics and structures, how will deal with competing services?

Author : Charly Zaks

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