– Create Your Own Social Network is an online platform that allows users to create their own social networks.

This site puts the power of online networking in the users’ hands. Users can create and develop groups based on their interests and causes. serves as a forum for business owners to promote their companies, for colleagues to stay connected, and for friends to keep in touch. The system allows users to share videos and photos, write and post blog posts, and host and contribute to discussions among members. Users also have the ability to create their own galleries for other members to view. In Their Own Words

“Neeetz is more than a social network, it’s a sophisticated, multimedia hub that empowers you to connect with friends, businesses, family members, and people who simply like the same things you do. Are you a fan of professional wrestling? The owner of a large chain of restaurants? The leader of your local vintage car club? If there’s something you like that you want to share, Neeetz gives you a flexible, powerful virtual space to promote your business or personal interests.”

Why It Might Be A Killer takes social networking to a new level. It gives users complete control over their network, allowing them to develop and manipulate the content to best serve their purpose. However, this site may not be able to compare to the ease and familiarity of the groups feature that already exists within other well-known social networks.

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How can new users be reached to learn about What additional features could users benefit from? Could be integrated with other existing social networks?