Neatbud – Essential Oil Products That Live Up To Organic Billing

Summertime for many people means venturing outdoors – biking, walking, camping, sunbathing – returning to the natural world in order to be restored. We seek nature to revive body and spirit, and to improve our health.


Most of us probably overlook a readily accessible means to rejuvenate ourselves on a daily basis: essential oils. No need to step out the front door to let the healing begin!


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Did you know that it takes many pounds of flowers to produce a single drop of essential oil? Those tiny bottles contain potent plant and flower powers that have many healthy benefits. And if you want to find a trustworthy source to experiment with essential oils, or top-notch products to maintain your habits, look no further that Neatbud.


Neatbud is an organic beauty, hair, and health company founded by two sisters that sells essential oil products that have been certified organic. As in NOP, ECOCERT, USDA certified – the real deal, truly organic essential oils.


Beautify your hair, skin; sweeten the air of your surroundings; remove stress from you life with the purest essential oil products you’ll find on the market. Neatbud sells both individual bottles and kits. For example, you’ll find tee tree essential oil available on their website as well as a “ZERO VISIBILITY all-skins pack” (a trio of essential oils for all-day skin hydration).


Neatbud’s products arrive with instructions for use and recommended recipes. Their carrot oil acts as an anti-aging agent. In this case, Neatbud’s offers an all-natural sunscreen recipe using carrot essential oil.


Perhaps we’re all just culturally asleep when it comes to conventional beauty and hygiene products. It’s pretty gross when you think about the amount of synthetic ingredients to which we willingly expose ourselves. Neatbud’s offers refreshingly non-toxic, not to mention therapeutic, products that can replace the harmful goops we use.


Substituting essential oils for artificial substances isn’t just better for people, but also safer for other animals, and kind to the environment. They don’t create toxic waste. What’s more, their consumption encourages organic agriculture, which promotes nutrient-rich soil.


Don’t you feel cleaner and revived already, just from reading? To make life even better, you can order Neatbud products online and have them delivered directly to you. So, if you’re ready to look after yourself and the planet, shop organic essential oil products on


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