– The Bestest Social Network Ever

Ncludr.comNclüdr is the new coolest social network where you can have over 6,000,000 friends. Nclüdr is far superior to facebook and Myspace so cancel your accounts and join the only social network that matters.

I could go on and on about how great of a social network Nclüdr is but the truth is it is one big joke. Nclüdr is a parody site making fun of facebook. Nclüdr does a flawless job at copying the facebook format with the almost completely identical interface design in yellow and even joke applications such as: avatars aren’t really real, be a call center worker, my dad can beat up your dad, meet your imaginary love, and more. You can create your profile by answering some unusual and funny questions which have some funny options to choose from. Nclüdr then generates you profile which includes the traditional categories relationship status, politic views, etc… along with a list of 12 billion friends such as: Ike Turner, Mr. Right, Your Ex, Chuck Norris, and Mary “Pop-N- Lock” Poppins. Nclüdr is very thorough, all of your friends have profiles and an equally absurd gigantic list of friends. Nclüdr’s FAQ section is quite comical and there are even quotes from some on the networks fabulous users such as Paris Hilton and Bert from Sesame Street. Nclüdr is a detailed fun site where you can go to get some laughs. In Their Own Words

“Tired of only having 60, 100, 200 friends? Nclüdr is the most awesomest ultimate social network ever.
upload photos or publish notes • get the latest news from your friends • post videos on your profile • tag your friends • use privacy settings to control who sees your info • NOT WITH nclüdr!

BUT you CAN have that warm, comfortable feeling in knowing the EVERYONE and EVERYTHING around where you live study or work is YOUR FRIEND.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Quite honestly Nclüdr may be one of the most detailed well thought out parody sites I have seen. Almost every detail of Nclüdr is identical in design to facebook. The creators of Nclüdr are quite creative with the application names and the quotes from the celerity users. I especially appreciate the applications section because I can’t stand all of the useless applications people add on facebook. Even the fake ads on the site are hilarious. Nclüdr does a good job at making users laugh and realize that social networks are for fun not survival.

Some Questions About

Nclüdr could get ridiculously thorough and add funny YouTube videos to people’s profiles and other facebook functions such as the wall. It could be fun if users could comment on the groups and on the profiles of other users. Maybe Nclüdr could have a forum of some sort.