– When Your Reputation is on the Line

Naymz.comYou’ve no doubt done the Google self check, but did you like what you found? Were the results as flattering as you would have wished? The internet makes it extremely easy for reputations to be destroyed or seriously mangled; however, you don’t have sit back and watch as your name is unfairly besmirched. The aptly named site Naymz gives you control over your identity and reputation.

All you’ve got to do is sign up for a free account and fill out some profile info. Naymz takes care of all the rest. Namely, they’ll make sure your profile gets you top Google results, and they’ll let you monitor your rep, by sending you alerts anytime your name is mentioned in a blog or news article. For a premium price you’ll also get reports of visitors to your profile, top placement on not just Google, but also on Yahoo and on MSN, and active positive promotion of your rep. In Their Own Words

“It’s no secret that people go online to find information about other people. But did you know that, according to Search Engine Watch, there are 25 to 50 million proper name searches performed each day? Let’s be honest, if you’re looking for information about colleagues, new clients, friends, or potential dates, the first place you go is Google or Yahoo. Have you “Googled” your own name lately to see what comes up and what others maybe finding? Naymz is an online provider of reputation/identity management and promotion services for people, groups, and businesses.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Naymz is very much in tune with the easy proliferation of info, both false and true, on the web. No one uses the White Pages anymore. Think about it. We all Google our fellow employees and potential dates. We want info; and whether we like it or not, info is out there. Naymz gives you control over your name. It brings back a sense of privacy.

Some Questions About

Will Naymz really attract users? The majority of the populace isn’t scrutinized, and public figures have their own PR reps, is Naymz that necessary? Does Naymz provide profile aggregation like other services?